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The joint venture between Nagoya and Toyota Motor in Japan, which holds a majority stake, has been quietly gaining popularity as Apple’s main supplier. Admitech uses silica spherical particles with a diameter of 0.5 microns to produce Admifine powder, used in the semiconductor devices in Apple’s recently released iPhone 15. Although Admifine has a wide range of industrial applications, about 90% of its sales can be traced back to semiconductors, especially high-end smartphones.

In late August, Admitech’s factory in Gifu Prefecture continuously produced Admifine daily to meet orders. Silicon is fed into machines several tens of meters high, and the final product is produced in powder form through processes including explosive combustion and cooling. The high heat resistance of silica makes Admifine indispensable in manufacturing high-performance semiconductors. Admifine is mixed into plastic to cover and protect chips, for example, to help prevent expansion due to heat. Except for the iPhone, “any smartphone or personal computer considered high-end will use Admifine,” said Kimihiko Shigeno, Managing Director of Admitech. The company has a global share of around 90% in spherical silica particles of similar size used in semiconductors.

(spherical silica powder)


Spherical silica powder is a new type of material.

The characteristics of spherical silica powder:

  1. Excellent dielectric performance: Its dielectric performance is very stable at various frequencies and temperatures.
  2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion: This allows it to maintain stability in different temperature environments, reducing deformation caused by temperature changes.
  3. Good electrical insulation: suitable for situations that require high insulation performance.
  4. Forming multiple layers of protective layer during oxidation enhances its ability to resist oxidation and corrosion.
  5. It has good mechanical properties and high-temperature oxidation resistance, allowing it to perform well even in high temperatures and harsh environments.
(spherical silica powder)

Application of spherical silica powder:

  1. Due to its excellent dielectric properties, coefficient of thermal expansion, electrical insulation, and high-temperature oxidation resistance, it is widely used in the manufacturing of quartz ceramics. After adding spherical silicon micro powder, quartz ceramics become denser, heat-resistant, and cold-fatigued, greatly improving their strength.
  2. The quartz ceramic crucible used for polycrystalline silicon ingots can greatly improve the strength and yield of the crucible and reduce demolding time.
(spherical silica powder)


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