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As people’s pursuit of beauty continues to rise, the cosmetics market is becoming increasingly prosperous. Among numerous cosmetic ingredients, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) has become a star ingredient in the cosmetics industry due to its unique thickening, suspension, stability, and moisturizing effects.

HPMC is a synthetic polymer material with excellent thickening, suspension, and stability properties. In cosmetics, HPMC can effectively increase the consistency and stability of the product, preventing phenomena such as layering and precipitation. At the same time, HPMC can also improve the suspension capacity of the product, making the various components in the product more evenly dispersed, thereby enhancing the quality and stability of the product.

In addition to thickening and suspension effects, HPMC also has good moisturizing properties. It can absorb moisture equivalent to hundreds of times its weight, providing long-lasting moisturizing effects for the skin. Adding HPMC to facial masks, face creams, lipstick, and other cosmetics can effectively improve the moisturizing performance of the product and make the skin more moist and smooth.

In addition, HPMC also has the characteristics of low irritation, is non-toxic and odorless, and is gentle and non-irritating to the skin. Adding HPMC to cosmetics can reduce the demand for other irritating ingredients and reduce the risk of skin irritation from the product.

(HPMC Powder)

The thickening effect of HPMC is mainly achieved through the following steps:

  1. Swelling: When HPMC comes into contact with water, the molecular chains of HPMC gradually unfold under the action of water, forming a relatively loose network structure. During this process, the molecular chains of HPMC gradually expand and swell through interactions with water molecules.
  2. Forming a network structure: As HPMC swells, the interactions between its molecular chains gradually increase, forming a more compact network structure. This network structure can restrict the flow of water molecules, thereby increasing the viscosity of the solution.
  3. Reduce fluidity: Due to the restrictive effect of the network structure formed by HPMC on the flow of water molecules, the fluidity of the solution is reduced, resulting in a thickening effect.
  4. Enhanced stability: The thickening effect of HPMC is also related to its suspension stability on particles, colloids, etc. By forming a relatively stable network structure, HPMC can effectively prevent the settling or separation of particles, colloids, etc., in the solution, thereby improving the stability of the solution.
(HPMC Powder)


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