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Hollow glass microspheres are particularly processed glass microspheres. Their main characteristics are that they have a smaller density and worse thermal conductivity than glass microspheres. It is a new micron-level lightweight material developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Its major element is borosilicate, with a fundamental particle size of 10 ~ 250μm and a wall surface thickness of 1 ~ 2μm; hollow glass beads It has the qualities of high compressive toughness, high melting factor, high resistivity, tiny thermal conductivity and thermal shrinkage coefficient. It is known as the “space age material” of the 21st century. Hollow glass beads have apparent weight reduction, sound insulation, and insulation effects, making the products have good crack resistance and reprocessing performance. They are widely used in engineering plastics, anti-corrosion insulation materials, rubber, buoyancy materials, fiberglass, and artificial marble. , synthetic agate, substitute wood and other composite materials, the petroleum industry, aerospace, 5G communications, new high-speed trains, cars and ships, thermal insulation coatings, adhesives and other fields have effectively promoted the development of my country’s science and technology industry.

Material Introduction

Hollow glass microspheres are a new type of material with wide applications and excellent performance developed in recent years. The major component of this item is borosilicate, hollow rounds with a particle size of 10-250 microns and a wall density of 1-2 microns. This product has the advantages of being lightweight, having reduced thermal conductivity, high toughness, and good chemical security. After special treatment, it has lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, and is very easy to disperse in organic materials such as resin. Hollow glass microspheres are widely used in engineering plastics, anti-corrosion insulation materials, rubber, buoyancy materials, fiberglass, synthetic marble, synthetic agate, alternative timber and other composite products, as well as in the petroleum industry, aerospace, 5G communications, new high-speed trains, cars and ships, In the fields of thermal insulation coatings and adhesives, new functions are given to materials.

Hollow glass microspheres (hollow glass microspheres) are tiny, hollow spherical powders. The bit size can be chosen between 30 and 100 microns according to demands, and the density is between 0.1 and 0.7 g/ml. It has the advantages of being lightweight, having a large quantity, reduced thermal conductivity, high compressive toughness, good dispersion, fluidity, and stability. In addition, it also has excellent properties such as insulation, self-lubricating, sound insulation, non-water absorption, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation protection, and non-toxicity. This product can be directly filled into most types of thermosetting and thermoplastic resin products to reduce product weight, reduce costs, and eliminate product internal stress to ensure dimensional stability, high pressure resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation Sex, insulation and other functions! Some expensive fillers such as light diffusing agents, bronze powder, molybdenum dioxide and white carbon black can also be banned.

Hollow glass microspheres are made of inorganic materials according to their chemical composition: silica, alumina, zirconia, magnesium oxide, sodium silicate, etc. Its particle size is ten to several hundred microns and a closed microsphere filled with CO2 gas. And it has the advantages of lightweight, low thermal conductivity, non-toxic, non-flammable, good chemical security, and high diffusion. It is an outstanding product filler for man-made marble and high dispersion, fiberglass, putty, paint, plastics, explosives, chemicals, building materials and other industries.

Chemical composition of hollow glass microspheres (mass ratio is)

SiO2:50-90%, Al2O3: 10-50%, K2O: 5-10%, CaO01-10%, B2O30-12%


Color pure white

It can be widely used in any product that requires an appearance color.

Light specific gravity

The thickness of hollow glass beads has to do with one-tenth of the thickness of standard filler fragments. After filling, it can considerably lower the basis weight of the product, replace and save even more production material, and reduce product prices.


Hollow glass grains are very easy to damp and distribute and can be filled out with a lot of thermosetting, and thermoplastic resins, such as polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane, and so on.

Great liquidity

Since hollow glass grains are little spheres, they have far better fluidness in liquid resin than flaky, needle-like or irregular-shaped fillers, so they have exceptional mold and mildew filling efficiency. Extra importantly, these kinds of small microbeads are isotropic, so there will certainly be no drawbacks of irregular shrinkage rates in different components as a result of positioning. This ensures that the product is dimensionally steady and will certainly not warp.

Thermal and sound insulation

The inside of hollow glass microspheres is slim gas, so it has sound and warm insulation buildings. It is a great filler for various thermal insulation and audio insulation items. The thermal insulation properties of hollow glass grains can also protect items from thermal shock triggered by alternating in between fast heating and cooling conditions. The high certain resistance and deficient water absorption make it widely made use of in the processing and creating cable television insulation products.

Low oil absorption rate

The fragments of the round establish its minimum certain surface and reduced oil absorption price. During use, the amount of resin can be significantly reduced. Even under a high addition amount, the viscosity will not increase much, considerably improving production and operating conditions. Increase production efficiency by 10% to 20%.

Application areas

They were widely used in fiberglass products, syntactic foam plastics, artificial marble, synthetic wood, sound insulation and insulation materials, atomic ash, deep-sea buoyancy materials, bowling balls, low-density adhesives, sealing materials, lightweight resin crafts, murals, wall hanging photo frames, and wall panels. Sandwich layer structure, electronic industry lightweight packaging materials, absorbing materials, lightweight concrete, emulsion explosives, etc.

Artificial marble

The most prominent use of hollow glass beads is artificial marble. In the United States, many manufacturers use this filler, which has the following advantages: ① Improved impact properties, and the performance of products manufactured with correct formulas is higher than the requirements of the Artificial Marble Association. ②Improve texture layout and color continuity, making the product more beautiful and dazzling. ③ Reduce curing time and have faster mold turnover speed. ④Improve impact strength, improve crack resistance and reduce product breakage rate. ⑤ Improve machinability and reduce the time of deburring, cutting, drilling and polishing. ⑥ Reduce the wear of post-processing tools. ⑦ Improve the coloring performance of light colors while reducing the amount of TiO2 (although sometimes some darker colors need to be mixed in) ⑧ Lightweight, making it easier to handle and install and reducing transportation costs. The advantages ③~⑧ listed above can significantly reduce costs. Table 1 shows the resin viscosity used in the standard formula of artificial marble and the formula containing hollow glass beads, which is 600 to 2000cP. The use of hollow glass beads will not increase the viscosity of the mixed system. In this formula, the volume of hollow glass beads accounting for 3.8% by weight can reach 26.8%, reducing the final weight by 30%. Since the viscosity of the resin, the ambient temperature at the time and the particle size of the calcium carbonate are the main factors affecting the thickness of the mixture system, these factors should be optimized to make the texture smoother and bubbles easier to eliminate, especially when the temperature of the resin is less than 21°C.

The R&D professionals are composed of old experts and middle-aged and young professionals who made breakthroughs in researching hollow glass microsphere products in the early 1980s and obtained domestic patent rights. After years of unremitting efforts, we have developed two series of open glass microsphere products with various specifications.

Repair composite materials (resin putty) are composite materials used for repair. Its typical application is to add hollow glass beads to the resin to replace part of the calcium carbonate, talc powder and other fillers to make various putties. It has the characteristics of lightweight, strong adhesion, It has the advantages of easy coating and low shrinkage, especially the processing performance such as sanding and polishing is significantly improved. Dust is a problem for hollow microspheres. Interestingly, during post-processing, such as grinding, the hollow microspheres are destroyed and the dust formed has the same density as glass, so it does not float in the air. It was landing on the ground quickly. This will significantly reduce the disadvantages of excessive dust content in the air. This putty is commonly made use in repair operations of fiberglass items, autos, ships, device tools, and so on. It ought to be noted that the diameter of the hollow glass grains should be convenient to avoid huge pinholes from being left after polishing, and a much more excellent rank should be chosen.

Plastic, rubber

Hollow glass beads are utilized to fill up ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products. They serve as a strong lube to improve processing fluidness and customize the detailed mechanical buildings of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products to improve their toughness and longevity. Abrasion, etc. The tensile toughness, influence toughness, firmness and various other mechanical residential or commercial properties of nylon 6 added with hollow glass grains are boosted and can prevent material aging caused by light and heat. As the material of glass grains raises, the Martin warmth resistance temperature level of the material boosts. Made use of to create bearings, cameras, furnishings devices, and so on; fill inflexible PVC with hollow glass beads to produce special-shaped products, pipes and plates, which can make the product have good dimensional stability, enhance strength and heat-resistant temperature level, and improve manufacturing effectiveness; Filling ABS can improve the dimensional stability of the product, minimize the shrinking rate, enhance the compressive strength and flexural modulus, and improve the surface area paint performance. It can be commonly used in TV housings, automobile plastic parts, audio devices, and household appliances. Production: loaded with epoxy resin can reduce material thickness, improve physical and mechanical homes, and can be used to produce syntactic foams, deep-sea submarines, lifeboats, etc; loaded with unsaturated polyester can lower product contraction and water absorption, enhance wear resistance improved, with less holes throughout lamination and finishing, it can generate fiberglass items, brightening wheels, devices, and so on.


Glass grains have the smallest particular area and reduced oil absorption, which can substantially lower the paint’s use of various other manufacturing active ingredients. The glazed surface of glass beads is much more resistant to chemical corrosion and reflective of light. The paint layer is therefore anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, anti-yellowing and anti-scratch. The carefully organized hollow glass grains consist of thin gas inside and have reduced thermal conductivity, so the paint finish has a perfect warm insulation effect. Hollow glass beads can efficiently enhance the flow and leveling properties of the coating. The gas contained in the open glass grains has great resistance to chilly and heat shrinkage, thereby improving the elasticity of the layer and significantly reducing the splitting and loss of the covering as a result of thermal development and tightening. Under the facility of high filling up amount, the viscosity of the finish does not raise significantly, so the amount of solvent used can be lowered, which can lower the emission of hazardous gases throughout making use of the layer and successfully minimize the VOC index.

Recommendations for use: The general dosage is 10-20% of the total weight. Add the hollow glass beads at the end, and use a low-speed, low-shear stirring device to disperse them. Because the spherical beads have good fluidity and low friction, they are easily spread and can be moistened entirely quickly, slightly extending the mixing time to achieve uniform dispersion. Hollow glass microspheres are chemically inert and non-toxic, but special care is required when adding them because they are incredibly light. We recommend a step-by-step addition method. That is, the amount added each time is 1/2 of the remaining microbeads and added gradually. This can prevent the microbeads from floating into the air and make the dispersion more complete.

Car chassis installation

Chassis armor: Chassis armor, as the name suggests, is to install solid armor on the car’s chassis. This is indeed the only way to protect the exposed parts of the car chassis. Professional chassis armor is to spray a unique elastic gel material on the car chassis to wrap the chassis and the legs above the wheels completely. After it is naturally consolidated, a layer of corrosion-resistant chassis protective layer with a particular strength is formed. Features of chassis paint with hollow glass beads added: The vitrified surface of glass beads is more resistant to chemical corrosion. Therefore, the paint coating has anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-yellowing and anti-scratch effects. If filled with an appropriate proportion, the spherical structure of the particles makes it have a good dispersion effect on impact force and stress. Adding it to the coating can improve the external impact resistance of the layer and reduce its thermal expansion and cooling. Stress cracking is caused by shrinkage. The product’s toughness is significantly improved, the impact resistance is improved dramatically, and the surface hardness is enhanced. The particles are closed hollow spheres, which are added into the paint to form many microscopic independent insulating cavities, thereby significantly enhancing the insulation of the coating film against heat and sound and playing a perfect role in heat insulation and noise reduction.

Artificial wood

Artificial wood filled with hollow glass beads provides excellent quality assurance for manufacturing furniture parts, decorations and sculptures. Adding different proportions of hollow glass beads to the original formula can adjust the product density. The oil absorption price of hollow glass microspheres is a lot smaller than that of common fillers such as calcium carbonate, which can substantially minimize the viscosity. Compared with conventional mineral ingredients, hollow glass microspheres have far better fluidness and are suitable for manufacturing big and slim boards. After adding hollow glass microspheres, the material is more straightforward to nail processing, changing the ubiquity of artificial wood with traditional formulas and cracking after nailing. The filling amount of hollow glass microspheres is generally between 5% and 20%. Hollow glass beads are straightforward to mix with resin. Adding hollow glass beads at the final stage of mixing is usually recommended at a slower stirring speed. If a high-pressure pump must be used, it must be determined in advance whether the strength of the hollow glass beads meets the requirements.

Note: The mixing method of hollow glass beads is also an essential factor. It is strongly recommended that the mixing speed of adding hollow glass beads should be lower than 100 rpm.


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