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What is Tin disulfide

What is Tin disulfide?

Tin disulfide is a non-organic compound that has a chemical formula of SnS2. It is a yellow hexagonal flake , with its CdI2 crystal structure. It isn't really soluble in the water but is easily soluble in aqua regia as well as hot alkaline solution. It is additionally, it is soluble in sodium sulfur Solution, often used as golden paint.

Tin disulfide is insoluble in hot alkali and in aqua regia solution and can undergo coordination reaction with concentrated hydrochloric acid. It is dissolvable in dilute hydrochloric acid as well as insoluble in water and Nitric acid. It is also capable of resolving with ammonium sulfide to dissolve.

How do you prepare Tin disulfide?

Tin disulfide could be produced by combining directly tin with sulfur in the presence of iodine. The reaction involves heat:

Sn + 2 S --- SnS2

Another option is to pour hydrogen sulfide through the tin (IV) salt and tin (IV) salt solution to precipitate it.

Electrochemical behavior of multi-walled carbon nanotubes confined tin disulfide as negative electrodes of lithium-ion battery

The direct current arc plasma technique was used to make multi-walled carbon nanotube-confined metal Nanostructures (Sn@MWCNT) as the precursor in methane atmospheric environment. Then SnS_2@MWCNT nanstructures were formed by the process of sulfurization. The results of physical characterization of the materials, such as Raman, X-ray Diffraction (XRD) as well as the transmission electron microscope (TEM) revealed that the length of multi-walled carbon-carbon nanotubes was 400nm. The Carbon layer on the surface had been crystallized, The thickness of the carbon was about 10 nanometers. Lithium-ion batteries using Sn S2@MWCNT nanostructures as anode materials exhibit a decent electrochemical performance. The initial charged-discharge Coulomb yield is 71% After 50 cycles the capacity remains at 703 mAh?g-1. The high-capacity properties of SnS_2@MWCNT nanostructured electrodes are due to the fact that a range of active material provide the capability together, and the reaction platform of each material is unique to each material.

Study on electrochemical performance of tin disulfide/single-walled carbon nanotube composite material used as anode material for lithium-ion battery

A new composite material of SnS2 and single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) has been prepared using an easy solvothermal procedure. It has good electrochemical performance after being applied to the negative electrode of lithium Ion batteries. At a very high current density of 1 A/g after 100 cycles still has a reversible capacity of 510 mg/g. To illustrate, we applied this same method to create one SnS2 material and conduct electrical tests with it. The results reveal that while the initial capabilities of SnS2 material is relatively large, the performance of its cycles is low and decays quickly after less than 20 cycles. The higher capability of this hybrid material within lithium-ion batteries believed to be due to an interaction between the two component from SnS2 along with SWCNTs.

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