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Application scope of instant sodium silicate

What is sodium silicate?Sodium silicate, which is a soluble antacids steel silicate material composed of alkali steel oxides and also silica. In economically created nations, there are greater than 50 type of deep-processed products utilizing sodium…

How to Produce Magnesium Nitride

What is Magnesium Nitride?Magnesium nitride, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Mg3N2. It comes from the cubic crystal system. At area temperature level, pure magnesium nitride is a yellow-green powder, however magnesium nitride inclu…

Why Use Tungsten Carbide Over Other Metals

Tungsten carbide is a compound in which 2 elements are incorporated to create a new steel. Just recently, it has come to be increasingly popular in the industrial globe as increasingly more individuals utilize it in place of typical metals. It'' s a…

Is Zirconium Carbide ZrC a Ceramic

What is Zirconium Carbide ZrC?Zirconium carbide (ZrC) is a dark grey cubic crystal with metallic radiance. Crispy. The melting factor is 3532 ℃. The boiling factor is 5100 ℃. The density is 6.73 g/cm3. The firmness of Mohs is 8 to 9. Insoluble in coo…

What is Hafnium Carbide HfC Used For

Hafnium carbide (HfC) is a grayish black powder with a face-centered cubic framework. It has an extremely high melting factor (3890 ℃), is known to have a high melting point amongst solitary substances, and is an excellent product for the cellular li…

Introduction to Graphite Powder

What is graphite powder used for?It can be utilized as demoulding lubricating substance in the manufacturing of chemical fertilizer industrial stimulant.Graphite powder has the features of high-temperature resistant and also high lubricity, so it can…

Sodium Silicate Supplier

Sodium silicate is a sort of inorganic compound and also its chemical formula is Na2O · nSiO2. It is a colorless, a little tinted clear or clear bulk vitreous body. Its liquid solution, also referred to as water glass, waterglass, or liquid glass, is…

What is Cementite

Cementite or iron carbide is a compound of iron as well as carbon, or much more accurately, an intermediate transition metal carbide with the molecular formula Fe3C. By weight, it is 6.67% carbon and also 93.3% iron.It is a gray-white crystalline pow…


Nickel oxide powder is a flexible material with several applications in different markets. Here are some of its primary applications:1. Ceramic MarketNickel oxide powder is made use of in the ceramic market as a pigment. It is included in ceramic gla…

Where do you get aluminum nitride

Aluminum nitride is a sort of refractory composite ceramic product with hexagonal wurtzite structure. Pure aluminum nitride is blue-white, and also aluminum nitride ceramic is usually gray or white.Aluminum nitride is steady at heat in inert atmosphe…

What is Silicon Nitride Si3N4

What is silicon nitride?Silicon nitride is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula Si3N4. Gray, white or grayish white. The relative molecular weight is 140.28.It is an essential structural ceramic material with high solidity. It has lubrici…

What is Aluminium-Silicon Alloy

What is Aluminium-Silicon Alloy?Silicon-aluminum alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon as well as light weight aluminum, which can keep the outstanding properties of silicon and aluminum specifically.Silicon is excellent in metal alloys used fo…

High Purity Iron powder Fe Powder CAS 7439-89-6, 99%

High Purity Tin Sn Powder CAS 7440-31-5,99%

High Purity Nano Ag Silver powder cas 7440-22-4, 99%

High Purity Colloidal Silver Nano Silver Solution CAS 7440-22-4

High Purity Tungsten Carbide WC Powder Cas 12070-12-1, 99%

High Purity Spherical Graphite C Powder CAS 7782-42-5, 99.9%

High Purity Copper Oxide CuO powder CAS 1317-38-0, 99.9%

High Purity Colloidal Gold Nano Gold Solution CAS 7440-57-5

CAS 1592-23-0 Calcium Stearate Powder

High Purity Silicon Nitride Si3N4 Powder CAS 12033-89-5, 99%

High Purity Aluminum Nitride AlN Powder CAS 24304-00-5, 99.5%

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