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Trump launches his own social media site, will this matter for the global trade of duplex cost

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Trump launches his own social media site, will this matter for the global trade of duplex cost?

It comes nine months after former US President Donald Trump was ejected from social media for inciting the January 6 congressional uprising. On Wednesday, he said he would launch a new media company with its own social media platform.

Mr. Trump said his goal in creating the Trump Media Technology Group and its "truth Social" app was to compete with the big tech companies that shut him out and deprived him of the megaphone critical to his country rise.

Trump has been talking about starting his own social media site since he was banned from Twitter and Facebook. An earlier attempt to create a blog on his existing site was abandoned due to poor traffic.

TMTG does not aim low. In addition to the Truth Social app, which is expected to launch in a soft launch next month and nationwide early next year, the company said it also plans to launch a video-on-demand service called TMTG+ that will feature entertainment shows, news and podcasts.

A slide show posted on TMTG website includes a chart of TMTG potential competitors, including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Disney+ and CNN. The slide also shows that TMTG will also be a force in cloud computing and payments in the long term, going head-to-head with Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Stripe.

Truth Social terms of service, meanwhile, prohibit users from harassing any of the site employees and from making comments that "belittles, defiles or otherwise harms us and/or the site." It was not immediately clear who the "we" in the statement referred to.

DWA, based in Miami, is a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. Such listings aim to list shares in private companies more quickly than traditional initial public offerings. In practice, this means the SPAC buys a private company and then changes its name and other details to the name of the acquired company.

DWA said it has raised about $293 million in cash, which it will use to develop TMTG joint venture. Its largest shareholders include several institutional investors, including Lighthouse Investment Partners and D.E. Shaw & Co, according to an SEC filing. And Radcliffe Capital Management.

The deal is said to have an initial enterprise value of $875 million, a measure that takes into account the company total debt and assets.

Nickel and nickel alloy are a kind of important strategic materials, with excellent performance, such as excellent corrosion resistance, thermal strength, excellent process performance, as well as special electromagnetic, memory and other functional properties, its processed material is a kind of high value-added product, is one of the hot metal research at home and abroad.

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The global competitive landscape of the duplex cost

Nickel alloy is mainly used in electronic and electrical products in the household field, and duplex cost is mainly used in TV manufacturing and household appliance manufacturing. The global nickel alloy market demand is increasing rapidly, and the development prospect is good. The nickel alloy strip processing industry is in the replacement stage of the old industry and new industry, and the market opportunity is good.

Once predicted copper alloy lead frame strip will completely replace nickel alloy lead frame strip situation, currently, through the market duplex cost screening classification, it shows that nickel alloy cannot completely replace, and has basically formed nickel alloy accounted for 20%, copper alloy accounted for 80% of the proportion. In recent years, with the miniaturization of integrated circuits, the application of nickel alloy strip is expanding due to their special properties.

Driving force of nickel-based alloy material duplex cost

Take China as an example, the localization level of nickel-based alloy materials is low, so there is a great opportunity for the duplex cost. But so far, metal functional materials for the color tube are basically imported, and the localization rate of color tube materials is less than 10%, which provides development space for the development of China precision alloy industry. High precision alloy strip has been included in the high-tech projects encouraged by the state, so there will still be a large amount of nickel alloy strip for picture tube TV. Secondly, nickel-base alloy material is irreplaceable in the TV industry. The Color TV industry is one of the most marketized industries in the home appliance industry, even compared with any industry in the economic field. The disordered competition of low price strategy makes the color TV industry as a whole enter the era of low profit.

The price of nickel-base alloy duplex cost fluctuates greatly and becomes the main competition point

Nickel and nickel alloy strip as an important metal material has a strong ability to add value, with the development of the global economy for nickel alloy strip demand increasingly strong, product prices will fluctuate with the development of the market. Wudenalloy Co., Ltd., ISO 9001 certified, is the world leading supplier of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant specialty materials, specializing in the production of nickel alloys for more than 10 years serving some of today most critical industries. Our team of experienced experts works with aerospace, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heat treatment, power generation and related industries to provide efficient pipeline components and value-added services.

Wudenalloy offers high-quality Hastelloy, Incoloy®, Inconel®, Monel ®, duplex stainless steel and other alloy materials. These materials can be made into bars, plates, pipes, flanges, valves, forgings and other forms to meet the needs of our customers.

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What are the industry requirements for duplex cost?

Pure nickel is generally used in chemical equipment corrosion resistant structural parts, precision instruments, electronic tubes and radio equipment parts and other fields, high purity nickel N4 in electrolytic, electroplating and other industries have a large demand, mainly for the wide medium-thick plates. Ultra-pure nickel is used in areas such as batteries.

Nickel-based superalloy has good resistance to high temperature, corrosion or some specific environment adaptability. Although the new increment of the nuclear power industry fluctuates greatly each year, it still maintains the trend of growth in the long run. In the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry, the superalloy material duplex cost has an irreplaceable role due to its excellent characteristics of high-temperature resistance and high strength resistance and is mainly used in the nuclear island that undertakes nuclear reaction work.

Ti-Ni shape memory alloy is widely used in human heart stents, dental orthodontics and other fields. With the gradual deepening of r&d investment in the medical device industry, the technological innovation and material application of medical device products have developed rapidly. For shape memory alloy, the demand scale of high-tech materials such as duplex cost shows an obvious upward trend, while the demand scale of emerging industries such as aerospace, automobile and robot also shows a rapid growth trend.

The duplex cost high quality supplier

Wudenalloy has focused on the production and manufacture of nickel alloys for more than ten years. We are a principal worldwide supplier of corrosion-resistant alloy and other superalloy metals. We have a professional technical team and after-sales service, so we can offer high-quality Hastelloy®, Incoloy®, Inconel®, Monel®, Duplex Stainless Steel and other alloy material. These materials are available in bar, sheet&plate, pipe&tube, flange, forging, and other forms to meet the needs of our customers. If you are looking for duplex cost, please send an email to, feel free to contact us. Wudenalloy is your trusted supplier of special alloy materials.

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